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Florida 8-Ball League


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Welcome to the Florida 8-Ball League, Inc. We would like to introduce you to a pool league we think you'll enjoy. This League is for both men and women and consists of 12 weeks of 8-Ball, call shot and pocket. There is a yearly $20 membership fee per member. A weekly fee of $8 per player is to be paid on the night in which the games are played. 

Objectives of the Florida 8-Ball League, Inc.

It is the intention of League Management:

  • To promote sportsmanship, goodwill, and unity among players in the game of pool.
  • To offer rules, methods, and procedures to enhance the sportsmanship of the game so it may be played in an organized, competitive manner.
  • To promote business and goodwill for participating franchises and establishment owners.

League Motto

Read your rulebook...Practice good sportsmanship...and Have a good time

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Updated 07-10-04